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The Sun Also Rises

Thank you to this generation, to these generations, that have come before us.  They have handed us a lot of knowledge, a lot of wisdom, a lot of hope and a lot of wonder for the life left unexamined.  It doesn't end with shamanism, it's one place along the way.  It also doesn't end with self-inquiry or validation in the sense of any person's role, or gift, to offer to a wider community.  There's a lot of attachment with our society, a lot of clinging to false ideas and personalities that tend to cloud our vision, or ability to see.

The only way to learn, is to experience it for yourself.  Short of casting judgement, or self-doubt unto an already fragile sense of spiritual realism, a person must conjure the courage to connect with the divine, in their own way, and communicate what is needed - both for the self and other.

When I left shamanism, or my intellectual pursuit of that thing inside of me, it was to better understand the Buddhadharma, and what that meant in…