The Sun Also Rises

Thank you to this generation, to these generations, that have come before us.  They have handed us a lot of knowledge, a lot of wisdom, a lot of hope and a lot of wonder for the life left unexamined.  It doesn't end with shamanism, it's one place along the way.  It also doesn't end with self-inquiry or validation in the sense of any person's role, or gift, to offer to a wider community.  There's a lot of attachment with our society, a lot of clinging to false ideas and personalities that tend to cloud our vision, or ability to see.

The only way to learn, is to experience it for yourself.  Short of casting judgement, or self-doubt unto an already fragile sense of spiritual realism, a person must conjure the courage to connect with the divine, in their own way, and communicate what is needed - both for the self and other.

When I left shamanism, or my intellectual pursuit of that thing inside of me, it was to better understand the Buddhadharma, and what that meant in lay terms to the 21st century.  What I didn't understand, was that no matter how hard I tried, that Spirit was still there.  Spirit was communicating to me, what the future self couldn't, or wouldn't, reveal in waking life.  The future self is a place beyond the immediate that conjures up the unknown; that conjures images somewhere between fantasy, and spiritual reality, and deal with life in a way that is both casting a wide net, and narrowing the search for the self in a very specific way.

Dreaming the future is a practice that takes time.  I say that as I am going on nineteen years, a time frame that I never thought I'd talk about, and still learning how to best put the time in order.  Not only are we healing the past, we are healing the past from a very specific place - the future.  We are, in fact, dreaming the future from an immediate past.  That is not to say that we haven't learned along the way, for we have, although still left remembering the dream state that we find ourselves in, often of our own doing.  The shamanic journey asks the self to connect with ancestral spirits in otherworldly states of being, to better assist the living.  The meditation practice asks us to sit with stillness, while allowing this moment to be.  The dream practice, however, asks us to constantly refine the lines between dreaming, and awake, so we may better plot our course along the so-called web of life.